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What Patients Say About Dr. Tkach

Read what some of Dr. Tkach's patients have to say about their experiences with Dr. Tkach and their treatment at the Bozeman Skin Clinic

It has been over three years since I was fortunate enough to begin treatment with Dr. T. It has been a great experience and a great enhancement to my personal health and well-being. In the office there is a can do spirit of what I would term "positive competence." The Staff is friendly, organized and awesome to work with. The Doctor himself is private, due to the nature of this work he does, very respectful and comfortable in all interactions. And, lest I forget, I will hasten to add that he is a "crackerjack" of a Dermatologist. He constantly ups the ante on his own research. He is a true specialist in his field. I would highly recommend him with no hesitation.

Michael S.

I have been one of Dr. Tkach's patients for nearly 40 years. During that long association, I have come to know Jack as one of the most conscientious medical professionals I have had the pleasure of relying on for my care. Jack is thorough, thoughtful, and kind in his patient encounters. Most importantly, Jack is results-oriented and insists upon being held accountable for treatment results. For those of you considering Dr. Tkach as a medical provider, I provide my unreserved recommendation and wish you success in the treatment of your medical concerns.

Jerry P.

I am writing this testimonial to personally thank Dr. Tkach for being my dermatologist for more than 30 years, and during that time, for providing careful and caring service to me and my family. In addition to being a skilful physician, he is an interested scientist who actively engages with his patients to understand what is causing a given condition, and then works with them to find a cure or remedy. On numerous occasions he has gone the extra mile for us by researching a given malady and then finding a successful approach to the problem. In my case it has been mostly to tackle actinic keratoses (precancerous) skin problems caused by sun exposure. Recently he impressed me by diagnosing an unusual rash that had certain hallmarks of a serious skin condition. After ordering a biopsy by his reading of many slides prepared from samples of my skin cells, he determined it was not cancerous ad that it could be treated by medication.

Several years ago, when my daughter, who was in her early teens developed acne problems, he helped us find a suitable solution, using an extensive search of the literature, and in depth consultation with his colleagues around the country and finally by trials of various medications, until we found the correct combination to handle the problem. Again his perseverance was exemplary and his approach and solution helped my daughter to develop a deeper appreciation for biology as it applies to human systems.

In my opinion, Dr. Tkach is a superb example of a dynamic combination of a physician and a caring scientist. We consider ourselves to be most fortunate to have been under his watchful care for these years. Thank you, sir!

Denny L.

My wife Betty and I have enjoyed Dr. Tkach's professionalism for years. A number of years ago, he discovered a small black spot on her shoulder which he removed immediately and checked the cross section himself. It literally saved her life.

I appreciate the fact that he takes care of the problem forthwith, without numerous other visits.

Betty and I are in support of his excellent care, which we have received and would recommend him to others.

Gary M.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to share my experience of having had Dr. John R. Tkach of Bozeman Skin Clinic, Bozeman, Montana, as a primary treating physician for my health needs.

I have been a patient of Dr. Tkach for many years for the general evaluation of the health of the skin and since 2007, for the treatment of stress-induced Alopecia.

Dr. Tkach is, in my opinion, quite unusual. He is very intelligent, but humble, always the scientist, always ready to learn. He has a gift of listening deeply to his patients and has the additional gift of being available-as a doctor, as a scientist, as a friend-to dig deeper into skin and health issues.

At the same time he is present and available through his extensive research and recommendations, he is never intrusive. He is gracious and encouraging and is willing to work with the patient in all ways. I feel Dr. Tkach beside me each step of the way in this difficult walk through the condition of Alopecia.

It is comforting to find such a man in the medical profession. Seeing so many people over the years lends experience and wisdom. Beyond this, however, is his remarkable commitment as a Healer. He has devoted untold hours of research, pouring over the medical literature to be found in the university library, to assist me in treating my condition. All of this extra research occurs during his free time during the weekends. He is not compensated for these hours of research.

Dr. Tkach makes himself a partner with his patients in their healing journey and continues to be open and to grow as a professional. I bear witness to this amazing doctor-this amazing man. It is my privilege to have him on my healing team and to know him as a person. I encourage others to trust him and to entrust their health issues to his care.

Marla B.

We have been doctoring with Dr. Tkach for 30+ years and we have the highest regards for Dr. Tkach's expertise, bedside manner, and tenacity for helping his patients achieve the level of wellness they desire.

We know that Dr. Tkach spends many countless hours researching professional journals and articles so he can give his patients the best possible care.

We had been told by another dermatologist that nothing could be done to resolve an issue that my wife had (a large granuloma annulare). Dr. Tkach had the G.A. gone in a very sort period of time and it never returned.

As a medical professional, he has the ability to recognize issues with your skin and prescribe a level of treatment to find a solution to the problems.

Dr. Tkach will spend however much time is needed with you in the treatment room. Follow up is always forthcoming, whether by phone, mail, or a referral to a surgeon.

After all these years as patients of Dr. Tkach, we both say "Thank you to him for all he has done for us."

Pat and Joyce P.

The Bozeman Skin Clinic cares about their patients! Dr. Tkach and Staff are reassuring, professional, and private. I value Dr. Tkach's extreme intelligence, knowledge, practicality, and experience. He thinks "outside the box" to provide a treatment plan that has positive results. He genuinely cares and strives to find solutions especially with difficult and challenging cases.

Heidi H.

I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Tkach's for over 30 years and my children are now also his patients. As a teen, I needed a very knowledgeable Dermatologist who was willing to research and solve my skin issues. Dr. Tkach was the one who did just that! He has always gone above and beyond, including personal follow up calls and many communications with other doctors. He is thoughtful, kind and perseveres like no doctor I have ever known, frequently being spotted in the camp library staying current with the latest advancements. A very sincere thank you for everything Dr. Tkach!

Michelle C.

I know Dr. John Tkach as both "my" dermatologist and as [a] friend. Both are important for describing his professionalism.

I've been an actual patient of his just a few times over the years, starting in 2012. Two things are especially notable: When this doctor sees you, it's actually **the doctor** seeing you! Dr. Tkach does all the technical work. (He does have one full-time office assistant and another part -time, but they're not technical people-they do the paperwork, especially tangling with the insurance companies.)

Second, Dr. Tkach isn't in a hurry to get to the next patient. He doesn't schedule two patients for the same time, and it's likely he'll take half an hour (or more) with you, one-on-one.

Also he is not just a nine-to-five doctor. On most weekend, he spends several hours in the Montana State University library doing searches of the on-line medical literature and data bases for assistance in treating his patients who have highly challenging cases. (Since he's the Bozeman area's senior dermatologist, having started here in 1975, other doctors often refer to Dr. Tkach their patients whose cases have stumped them.)

I know Dr. Tkach as a friend because of his regular attendance at the MSU Physics Department's weekly colloquia. (His extra-medical interests are wide ranging.) Most weekends, he and I go to dinner after the colloqium, and that's how I have learned many important details about his professional life.

Beyond Dr. Tkach's long-developed expertise, there's an adjective that's especially appropriate for describing him: Devoted.

Paul N.

Dr. Tkach has been my doctor for forty years, and I find his diagnoses to be thoughtful and well researched. His approach to patients is with respect and compassion, and he listens. I highly recommend him.

Kathryn S.

It has taken me a while to find the words to express how thankful I am to have received your care.

Your patience and persistence in addressing and treating my condition were unmatched in my experience. I was feeling very anxious and felt like I was on the verge of being disabled when I sought out your help. Your kindness and determination made my fears and anxieties vanish, and I was so relieved that your careful examination and diagnosis led to the successful treatment of my condition.

There is not a single day that goes by when I don't take a moment to think about how lucky I am to have ended up in your office. I would strongly encourage anyone else suffering needlessly from a difficult skin condition not to hesitate any longer and immediately seek out your care. There is simply no reason not to with such a magnificent, humble and compassionate healer in our community.

Dr. Tkach, I am eternally and profoundly grateful to you and deeply humbled by the way you practice your craft. I pray that many more people are fortunate enough to witness this truth.

Anthony S.

Dr. Tkach has been my dermatologist for twelve years. He takes time with me, and answers all of my questions. I enjoy his office staff who are always helpful.

Eloise H.

Dr. Tkach is truly [an] "Old School Doctor" who is dedicated to his profession and truly wants to cure or at least vastly improve any patient's problems who might come to him. He holds the benefits to his patients above all else at all times including extra research etc. when needed.

In addition he will be a great and true friend for life.

Rocky R.