John R. Tkach, M.D.
300 North Willson, Suite 203B
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 587-5442

Bozeman Skin Clinic

Bozeman, Montana's First Dermatology Clinic

Tourists Welcome

Whether you're a student at MSU or a Montana native, or even a tourist passing through on your Yellowstone summer vacation or a winter ski holiday, we will try our best to get you in. Call (406) 587-5442 to schedule an appointment.

New patients, tourists, and Medicare patients welcome!

Established in 1975 by John R. Tkach, M.D., the Bozeman Skin Clinic is the first board certified dermatology practice in Bozeman, MT.

At the Bozeman Skin Clinic you will be taken seriously and treated with respect and dignity. You are coming here to be benefited, so you should be benefited. Expect to get results. Demand results. Some family doctors call Dr. Tkach the 'bulldog' because once he gets his teeth into a problem, he doesn't let go until it is solved.

Dr. Tkach especially likes challenging, difficult cases in which patients may have already seen multiple doctors without getting results. Dr. Tkach spends most weekends, Saturday or Sunday or both at the university library doing literature searches on his difficult cases. He does not charge for that literature searching service.

Call us at (406) 587-5442 to speak with our staff to get your appointment with Dr. Tkach scheduled today. We usually have a short waiting list and should be able to get your appointment scheduled within 15 days of your call. Payment is due at time of service unless other arrangements have been made prior to your appointment.

Dr. Tkach sees all patients seeking help with skin problems. New patients are currently being accepted. Yes, Bozeman Skin Clinic accepts Medicare. Medicare patients have been seen here since 1975 and still are.

Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Closed for Lunch 12:00 - 1:00
Wednesday 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Closed Friday
Call to schedule your appointment any time.

Our office has been wheelchair accessible since we opened in 1975.

Dr. Tkach, I am eternally and profoundly grateful to you and deeply humbled by the way you practice your craft. I pray that many more people are fortunate enough to witness this truth.

Your choice for dermatology in Bozeman, Montana